Hey guys!

ITS CHRISTMAS EVE! And I got a dual monitor setup!( Two screens to look at things on) Im watching a video on youtube as I type this! BEST GIFT EVEEEEEEEEEER!

Bye guys!


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Peeta or gale?

Due to the upcoming movie The Hunger Games : Catching Fire. I have set up a poll on the Polls Page for Team Peeta or Team Gale. Feel free to vote!

Hi guys!

Hi guys i’m back again! Yaaaay

I’ve been busy and now i have decided I will post every weekend!

So you no longer have to worry about discontinuation and inactivity!




Well hi just here with a post.

*Awkward silence*


My bonsai trees leaves are falling!
Its growing in autumn!



I’m back! Finally! Today I decided to post once again! DUN,DUN,DUN……

Time to…ahem, Get on with it. Today I became the king of England JUST KIDDING!!

Well that was my post for today guys. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t worry!

Sadly I have been inactive again 😦 BUT! I will start blogging again soon! 😀 Do not worry! 😉